A commercial that irritates me

Over a year ago I gave up my X-M to save $500 a year and have not regretted it one bit. Tune in radio on the computer and over my phone have worked just fine for free.

At night time my phone is hooked up to a pillow speaker and I listen to Coast to Coast while going to sleep. Currently I am listening to it coming out of Tronto, Canada because the one out of Austin TX kept having signal problems.

They run a commercial several times a night that really irritates me. The first time I heard it beginning I honestly thought they were going to advertise for DR because the commercials (there are 2 one that is a male voice and one that is a female voice) starts out “Hello, my name is ‘Debt Free’” But then you listen to the commercial and it is for a bankruptcy lawyer! Seriously? That’s not debt free, that is … well never mind.

I know it I shouldn’t let it bother me, but I find the touting of being “debt free” because you filed bankruptcy as a thing to celebrate extremely irritating.

I would imagine it would be worthwhile for

you and the buyer to get separate appraisals on the land, compare notes and meet in the middle. An appraisal should be around $300, maybe less since you don’t have anything built on the land. But then at least it would be two expert opinions.

If you feel ballsy, maybe ask the buyer to go in halves with you on one appraisal? Just be sure you both research companies and hire a reputable appraiser in the area.

How do you calculate a reasonable sales price on real estate?

When my fil died we inherited a small piece of property in AZ near Bizbee. It was part of one of those come buy our land schemes and it was never developed. To my knowledge there is not even any utilities on it. We pay the taxes on it annually, in fact they are due next month and I already have the bill for $46. 16.

When we inherited it they were around $20.

A lady dh works with is moving “home” to AZ in the Bizbee area and has expressed an interest in purchasing the land. We have no plans to do anything with it so we would be thrilled to sell it, but we want to be fair.

The last time we were in Bizbee we inquired about listing it for sale and was told that it would cost more in realtor fees than the land was worth.

As she pointed out there would be no realtor involved in this, just a lawyer and an exchange of money and title. How do we figure out a fair asking price for it?

Similarly we have a piece of land on Grand Lake that when the lake is up is lake front on the cove side of it, but it would take considerable work to build on it. It has a very bossy POA that we’ve been battling with for years because we owned the property BEFORE there was a POA and refuse to join it and pay $100 a year for a key to a boat ramp. We go by the property sometimes when going to see our brothers, but we’ve never camped on it or anything like that. How would we figure a price for it as well. The taxes on it run about $20 a year, they’ve been going down this last few years.

Funny you should ask

– I’ll be leaving shortly to go stack another 100 bales in the barn loft at our rental land. Long story short, we haven’t worked out all the kinks yet. Somehow baling hay has turned into something of a laboratory specimen for all the things we’d been struggling with over time – getting projects done in a timely way, balancing out up front costs vs payback later or payday loans FL, balancing out time, money and effort on the farm vs other paying jobs, working on equipment in February so it’ll be ready in April, vs needing it in April and working on it in July, etc. Sometimes it feels like for every step forward we take two back. When the Murphy email went out this morning, my first thought was “well, at least we’re not alone in getting a lot of Murphy time…..” I can say we’re making slow progress, but this year is another which had us fall back on hiring our landlord to do the baling for us since we couldn’t do it for ourselves. Frustrating. But we’ll get there.

Nothing like being late in answering a thread

but is it you they are truly after or are they after the insurance company ultimately? Has Insurance paid their part?

Otherwise I agree with being the squeaky loud wheel in this process. Send certified letters, call daily, speak to the supervisor etc. They will soon realize that you aren’t going to stop until you have positive resolution and will work to get you to quit your pursuit quickly.

I second the notion of asking for names of

each person you speak with and write it down – sometimes they may have an employee number or extension or something to go along with. In my experience, when someone KNOWS you took down their name, they’re more likely to help you because they know if they ignore your concern someone will find out!

Best of luck!

If I were you

I’d send a copy of the cancelled check to the collection agency with the note indicating the dates you informed the company of said payment. Follow up with a call.

Then I’d call the company and ask to speak to the manager (is it a dr’s office? Ask for the office manager/accounts supervisor) and explain the situation and follow it up with a letter outlining the issue, the dates and who you spoke to at the collections agency, etc. I’d ask them to read any notes on your file to you regarding payment as well.

If you were referred by a doctor of yours I’d send them a heads up letter and cc the brace company and tell them that your service has been severely lacking.

Basically, I’d throw everyone in the loop and make a big stink.

Then I’d start calling the same people every day until they send you proof that your account has been corrected.


Take names and document, document, document.

Seems like overkill, but I CAN’T stand people who can’t do their job. There is no excuse for the hassle you’ve been through, so move to the offensive and put them on defense.

We went through this with a medical bill a couple of years ago

The problem is someone is not doing their job and then it gets passed to the next flunky, who in turn does not do their job.

The way I finally solved it was I sent a firm letter with a copy of the canceled check, a copy of the info from the insurance company showing they had paid their part and then stated in my letter that if I was EVER contacted again on this matter I would be turning them over to authorities for attempted fraud and harassment. It’s been over two years and I’ve never heard another word from them. Jan who says you are being harassed because they know there are people like her fried D. who would pay the bill again rather than fight them in OK

Need some advice for a collection agency

I am furious at the moment, and need some advice from you all before I send the letter.

In June, I was fitted for a knee brace. The company billed my insurance, and then billed me the remainder — $374.06. I paid the bill and the check cleared July 9.

In August, I received a letter from them, stating that the bill was past due. I called, explained the situation, that I had the canceled check. They promised to straighten it out and get back to me.

About three weeks later, I received a letter, stating that the bill was past due and if I didn’t pay it in 10 days, they would send me to collections. I called, explained the situation, that I had the canceled check. They promised to straighten it out and get back to me.

Earlier this month, I received a letter, stating that the bill was past due and if I didn’t pay it in 10 days, they would send me to collections. I called, explained the situation, that I had the canceled check. This time, they asked me to fax them a copy of the canceled check, which I did. In the meantime, they promised to straighten it out and get back to me.

Today, I received a letter from a collection agency, stating that the bill was past due and had been sent to a collections agency.

I plan on sending them a letter with signature confirmation, explaining the situation and including a copy of the check. Is there anything else I need to say? Any way I can make sure this does not go on my credit rating? Anything I can do to make this stop???