A commercial that irritates me

Over a year ago I gave up my X-M to save $500 a year and have not regretted it one bit. Tune in radio on the computer and over my phone have worked just fine for free.

At night time my phone is hooked up to a pillow speaker and I listen to Coast to Coast while going to sleep. Currently I am listening to it coming out of Tronto, Canada because the one out of Austin TX kept having signal problems.

They run a commercial several times a night that really irritates me. The first time I heard it beginning I honestly thought they were going to advertise for DR because the commercials (there are 2 one that is a male voice and one that is a female voice) starts out “Hello, my name is ‘Debt Free’” But then you listen to the commercial and it is for a bankruptcy lawyer! Seriously? That’s not debt free, that is … well never mind.

I know it I shouldn’t let it bother me, but I find the touting of being “debt free” because you filed bankruptcy as a thing to celebrate extremely irritating.

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