Funny you should ask

– I’ll be leaving shortly to go stack another 100 bales in the barn loft at our rental land. Long story short, we haven’t worked out all the kinks yet. Somehow baling hay has turned into something of a laboratory specimen for all the things we’d been struggling with over time – getting projects done in a timely way, balancing out up front costs vs payback later or payday loans FL, balancing out time, money and effort on the farm vs other paying jobs, working on equipment in February so it’ll be ready in April, vs needing it in April and working on it in July, etc. Sometimes it feels like for every step forward we take two back. When the Murphy email went out this morning, my first thought was “well, at least we’re not alone in getting a lot of Murphy time…..” I can say we’re making slow progress, but this year is another which had us fall back on hiring our landlord to do the baling for us since we couldn’t do it for ourselves. Frustrating. But we’ll get there.

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