That notion of compromise is definitely the plan

We’ve learned on our DR journey that any sort of absolute gotta-do-it-this-way approach is not going to fly very well, so we’ve learned how to compromise. The thing that caught me off guard with this one, is that I was just so delighted to have enough income again to even be thinking about restoring my savings account(s). I used to have one big savings account as you describe, and I used to track various goal amounts within it. But somehow with the divorce and layoff experiences behind me, I need to have something more solid in place besides just a spreadsheet. I want to see a list of accounts, each with their own balance, so I can see that yes, every category is taken care of. Call it a form of reassurance that works for me.
We’ll come up with some way to compromise on how much we put into those funds, such that DH doesn’t feel antsy that too much is being diverted, yet I feel like future needs/goals are being attended to. We’ll figure it out.

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