What we did around here was have two savings accounts, on paper

I have my sinking funds all in my spread sheets and keep track of exactly how much I put in, or take out from each sinking fund, but it goes into our general savings account along with our bef (now working on our ffef). That way we earn more interest on the combined amount, we felt better because we had “more” in savings, but we also had the mindset that x amount of dollars was designated or “named” for set bills when they came around. It takes a little while to get it all built up, but the peace of mind it gives is so soothing.

Take that trip we went on in May, we left here with what we were told was good tires, but we also left here with a $2,000 sinking fund specifically for tire and truck repair/replace as well as our bef, plus some in our other sinking funds. We ended up having to pay out almost $1,800 for tires while we were out, but it didn’t ruin our trip because we knew the money was there AND that we still had our savings, our other sinking funds AND our bef. That peace of mind was so wonderful.

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