You know what they say about old habits dying hard

Well it’s true and quite frankly I am thrilled they don’t. Over the last five years as we walked the walk we have became increasingly careful about hunting for bargains for items we needed/wanted and we were both terrified that once the credit cards were paid off we would become looser with our money and if dh is to retire we can’t afford to do that.

Yet things keep popping up to tempt us. My dishwasher died late July, we replaced it, on sale, with a discount and in cash. That felt really good. As I said last week we did go against DR and got the extended warranty plan. Which we have already had to file a claim on. The thing has already paid for itself and we’ve got nearly five years to go on it. The control panel went out on the brand new dishwasher and between the mileage fees, the repair fees and the parts we have gotten our money back already. Or will have once the part comes in.

A week ago my much used and loved Cricut die cutting machine finally gasp its last breath and I was EXTREMELY upset to discover that to get an identical replacement for it was going to be $249.99 every place I checked, IF the place even had one in stock. My gazelle attitude just wouldn’t let me plop down the cash for it at that price although I did have it in my blow money budget because I’ve been hoarding that money rather than spending it.

I finally got on the various Cricut and Cuttlebug facebook groups I am a member of and bemoaned this situation because, of course, I was in the middle of a huge project that I could not complete without a working machine.

I was told immediately that Menards had them on sale for $99 after a mail in rebate! I got excited, until I found that the closest Menard’s was over 300 miles from me. Bummer! So I decided to see if they had an online store. They did and it was on the same sale there. I ordered it immediately, although it was still higher than I really wanted to pay, because it was a $143 before rebate and after shipping and handling.

It arrived 3 days later and I immediately filled out the rebate form to get it mailed off asap. That’s when I discovered that the $30 rebate was an IN STORE ONLY gift certificate. I contacted Menards customer service to see if there was a way around that since there were no Menard’s in our area. The answer was no, but I was told that the gift certificates never expire. And we have family in Wichita we go to see periodically and there is a Menard’s there. So I’ll just hang on to the refund until we go see them again. Then we girls will go shopping while the guys gossip, err discuss life.

Then while unboxing the machine I noticed it was a specially marked package that included a (are you ready for this) $50 gift certificate for to buy digital images for the machine with! Okay, that lowers my over all expenditure, because I shop at once every six months or so. I was even happier with my bargain now. Opened the box and the gc is good until 12/31/2015—yes! I don’t have to rush. I also found they had thrown in a mat that you need to do the cuts with, a $10 value. So my $250 plus shipping and handling machine dropped to $143-$30-$50-$10=$53 inclucing shipping and handling. I am definitely a much happier person over that price! Bascially I saved over $200.

On the way home from the fair (free parking, discounted tickets again) I suggested we stop at the new Goodwill store that went in not far from us…We came home from there happy too.

We love homemade ice cream and for over 30 years have used our Donvier to make just the perfect amount for dessert for the three of us without the fuss of using ice or salt. About three years ago ours quit freezing properly and when we priced new ones we couldn’t justify the $75 price of a new one when so gazelle intense.

Imagine my surprise and delight when one of the first things I found at Goodwil was a brand new in the box Donvier for $12. Sitting next to it was a bnib Foodsaver vacuum sealing machine. While it was a much smaller and less expensive model than the one we already had it was the perfect size for putting in the camper for traveling. This particular model runs normally around $100 and we paid $19 for it. Both came with guarantees that they would work or our money back as well.

We briefly looked through clothing, but neither of us was really interested in clothes shopping that day. I did find a brand new looking Disney Hoodie that were the type we had paid $60 each for ours originally for $5.99. while it was dh’s character, Grumpy, it was my size and we purchased that anyway.

I also found some Martha Stewart craft items in original unopened packages for $.75 that at Hobby Lobby are currently $3.50 and up per package. Some Halloween decorations and cups and a few other things. All in all we spent $42 and both came out VERY happy with our purchases.

I figure we’ll be going back to that store on a regular basis, and probably again soon because we just got the annual Christmas party invitation for the office and I need something nice to wear.

Dh has gotten the garage sale bug now and is already planning out a trip for next weekend to shop garage sales and hit various thrift stores we are familiar with to try and find some of the items we are needing to replace around here before he retires.

We also spent part of the weekend watching cooking shows and discussing learning new techniques on cooking. We tried a couple of inexpensive recipes that turned out VERY good (Pioneer Woman’s oven bbq chicken and the cinnamon roll cake that is making the facebook rounds right now).

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